I’m a wife of a wonderful supportive husband and the mother of three beautiful kids. I’m a daughter to loving parents. I have many memories from my childhood looking through the pictures of our family which were stored in the back of a closet in an old cardboard wine box. I was always curious what was actually happening in the moment those memories were captured and why the pictures were put away.
As a wife and mother I am determined to not only capture memories on film but to also organize them so that my kids will be able to feel what was happening and understand why it was important enough to capture.
My every day life is busy and chaotic at best but I love living it and capturing it. I play taxi to my kiddos running them to and from all of their activities. When my kids are at school I work full time in a company in a quality type capacity.   My job has enhanced my eye for detail. At the same time I need to have time for myself and this is where scrap-booking comes into play for me.

Other random info about me:

I love to scrapbook. I’m fun. I’m a girl scout mom. I text too much. I am a boy scout mom. I love my dog! I eat Red Vines (not Twizzlers) when I scrap. I eat pancakes with with peanut butter and whip cream. My favorite color is glitter. I don’t camp very well. I make lists. My hubby makes me chocolate milk every night before bed. I love Netflix. I love country music. I have scrap-booked both good, sad, and strange. I’m a good listener. I let my puppy sleep in my bed by my feet. Chocolate can cure anything. I love purses and shoes. I cook really well. I love the drive in movies. My family is everything to me. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip. I’m loyal. I always get peanut M & M’s in my stocking. Tulips are my favorite flower. I keep a journal. All the keys on my key chain are different colors.  I have a bachelor’s degree.


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