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So I began writing this neat and orderly post and just thought it was pretty boring.  Instead this will most likely resemble the ramblings of a typical mom!  I’d like to say I’m more organized and put together but the truth is, just like most moms I have good days and bad days.  And lots of interruptions.photo (1)

I really did have the best intentions!  I was so proud of myself for creating a chore list that the kids were actually using and a bucket list with the promise of a perfect summer!  Last week I even came out of my room to find my kids huddled around the fridge checking out what chores were to be done!  This was one of those moments that went incredibly right!  I was sure this was due to my amazing parenting skills and my angelic children.  As it turns out it was the moment that was perfect and sadly it did not last too long.

Lazy river

As the week marched on we began our activities.  We did go to one of the local pools and enjoyed the lovely weather.  I was diligent enough to lather on the SPF 50 on my sweet kiddos (I even re-applied twice!!).  Being the diligent mother I completely forgot to apply my own sunscreen!  Ooops!  Well after several hours of conquering the majestic water slides and floating in the lazy river it was time to head home!

image (8)

It turns out that my kids still took in more sun than their delicate skin could handle. 😦  Of course you can conclude if they burnt I was roasted!!  Next time we will definitely break out the SPF mayonnaise!!  I suppose I should have realized how warm it was when even my poor phone gave me a temperature warning and quit!


Does everyone else get their initiation sunburn at the beginning of the summer?  I mean it’s not like I don’t know how hot it is and that there is a possibility of turning into a crispy critter!  [This same principle applies in the fall somewhere around Halloween.  I see candy corn in a cute little bowl and think oooo a treat!  I put one in my mouth only to realize I really really dislike candy corn!!]

Tangent aside, I was at the store a couple of days ago and upon my daughter’s insistence we purchased SPF 110.  I can’t wait to test that one out!

After spending so much time in the sun and lathering on the aloe vera we have been hibernating inside with the air conditioning cranked down!  We have crafted, watched movies and even worked on our Project Life album!  I am still getting the hang of this but the kids are catching right on.  Both of my girls are happy to write about their daily adventures!!

Project life Layout

I can’t wait to see what new adventures await our family this week!!