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I think the question, “What’s for dinner?”  has the power to strike irritation in the heart of mom’s everywhere.  It’s not that we don’t want to feed our dear children.  In fact if you are like me you love going into your kitchen, opening your fridge,(which is fully stocked with the freshest ingredients), creating a new exciting entree daily that will be presented as a culinary masterpiece that even Chef Gordon Ramsay would be impressed by!


What’s that you say?  You enter your kitchen that has a sink full of dishes, a fridge that hasn’t been replenished in two weeks because little Jimmy has the flu and there is a toddler attached to your leg?  Yes this is closer to the reality for most of us.  Even the best laid plans can be difficult and sometimes turn into a cereal kind of night.Image

Between you and me, I’d settle for something in between.  When I was planning our Summer Bucket List one of the thing we all agreed on was that everyone needs to know how to cook.  This item simply says, Learn to cook.  I put it on the list and didn’t really think much more about it.  I know… not great planning.

Today my hubby and I were talking about this weekend’s plans.  (We have our calendars synced up on our phone through Google but it is beneficial for both of us to talk out our game plan on who is taking which kid where.)  In the conversation we were talking about meals.  (We love to talk about food!)  We decided that it would be a good idea to do the grocery shopping on Friday night and then do some of our weekly cooking on Saturday in order to do the prep work for our dinners.

Insert relevant tangent here:

Last month I had a really bad case of bronchitis and my hubby ended up having to do the bulk of things around the house.  This included grocery shopping.  When he mentioned he was taking our three children with him I worried that he might be in over his head.  Even I can become frustrated when we grocery shop.  He came home in record time and everyone was happy!  (I figured some sort of miracle only second to Moses parting the Red Sea had taken place!)  I had to know how this was possible?

He simply said I gave them each their own mission!  I was a little confused for a moment.  He then explained that he broke up the list and asked each of the kids retrieve specific items!  This is brilliant I thought.  (Disclaimer:  I would not do this with younger children.)Image

With this information I think I’m armed with a great plan we now refer to as Mission Kitchen!  This includes the planing and delegating of every task revolving around the question, “Mom, what’s for dinner?”.

My kids will each pick the meal that they want to cook and help compile a grocery list.  My hubby will take the kids to the grocery store and each child will have a mission to find and bring back specific ingredients.  (Mom can take the kids grocery shopping too.  My kids just think my hubby is way cooler.)  Saturday morning I will help each child (one at a time) prepare a meal that they will serve during the week!

Our very first Mission Kitchen will be given this weekend.  I am looking forward to this resulting in a loving and harmonious kitchen and stress free dinner time.  Oh yeah, I am also hoping to delete the phrase,  “Mom, what’s for dinner?”, from my children’s vocabulary!  Update to come next week!!