Last night after I was hoping to fall asleep I was laying in my bed thinking.  Of course this is the most convenient time to have great ideas right?  I think most of us have been there.

I was contemplating how I’ve arrived on this exact path that I am currently on.  No, nothing is dramatically wrong in my life.  Actually when I thought about it I realized how very blessed I am.  I’m sure there are plenty of you not wanting to hear how picture perfect my life is.  And no I’m not going to list every wonderful thing in my life.  (We would be here a very long time.)

It’s not that I have everything I want and no my life is not without trials and struggles.  It is that I’m coming to realize with all of the great wisdom I’ve accumulated in my great 34 years that I can be happy and have peace in the journey that is the path I call my life.

Several months ago, well that’s what it seems like, but really almost a year ago I had this distinct feeling that I wasn’t progressing.  Yes I went to work every day, yes I did housework, yes I played taxi for my kids various activities, yes I was active in my church and yes I generally kept up with the daily hum drum of my routine.

I think because we are all on this revolving carousel of daily monotony that it is difficult to feel like we are progressing and really connecting with those around us.  To me this made me feel a little empty.  (It goes without saying that I love my family and all that they bring to my life.)  I just had this desire to connect with others and feel like I was making some sort of additional progress.

Last July I established my crafting Facebook page, Tulip Garden Crafts.  At the time I was a little unsure just how I was going to utilize this great resource.  I have been a crafter for so many years.  My poor mother found that out the hard way when she came home to me cutting up her original pictures that were irreplaceable. (Ooops… Sorry Mom!)  When I was introduces to scrapbooking almost twenty years ago I was completely hooked!!

I began posting pictures of the crafts I was creating and the response was so positive!  I had people ordering items and was getting so much positive feedback.  I hate to be so vain as to admit this but every time the number of “likes” grew I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to see the number grow.

As I began this project what I didn’t anticipate was building this incredible network of others who were incredibly inspiring to me.  I began to learn all kinds of things.  It was a challenge to learn new skills and really improve upon my skills and talents.  There was a sense of progress and connection that I can’t explain other than it filled something in my life.

Then I began to feel overwhelmed.  I have so many responsibilities in my life.  We all do.  Things began to feel a bit out of balance.  I decided to get back to my basics and really evaluate where I was going to put my time and energy.  I stopped taking orders and even unpublished my Facebook page.  I focused on trying to feel more balanced.

I realized I missed having that connection with those whom I have learned from and who I now consider friends.  After careful consideration I have decided to re-publish my Facebook page.  This time I have some new goals in mind.  I will not be taking orders.  Instead I am going to try to keep focusing on connecting with others.  I’ll still post lots of pictures and craft ideas.  I want to learn how to do video tutorials too! (We’ll see how that goes.)

Something else I want to do is focus on my blog.  I will be posting my blog entries on my Facebook page.  I do want to blog about a lot of different thoughts.  (I need to free up some space in my head.)  I know that everyone will have different ideas and I respect that.  I want to continue to connect with others because I believe we all rely on one another.  I need to continue learning.  I believe I have thoughts that others might learn from.  If nothing else my spelling might improve.

My future post should not be nearly this long.  I promise I will post pictures too.  I’m looking forward to the journey!