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Good morning!!  Well I guess it’s almost afternoon now.  Do you ever feel like this about weight loss?  It is amazing to me because even friends that appear to be completely “skinny” seem to beg frustrated over this.  I have more than a couple of pounds I’d like to take a hike but we all seem to feel the same way about this topic! Frustrated!

It’s like there are a zillion different options and how do you decide which one to do!  I have come to the conclusion that each of us is different and we each just need to discover what works for ourselves.

With all that said I’m very excited about a new goal I have set.  I joined a Health Challenge.  Notice I didn’t say weight loss???  Nope, it’s a health challenge.  You can follow this 90 day challenge on Polka Dot Pixies.  I love that there are various aspects that it focuses on, not just food and exercise.  Those are both essential to this challenge but it also covers other areas that help us to be whole, well-balanced healthy individuals.

One thing we are required to do is to journal or blog each day, so get used to hearing from me lots!  Another thing I love is that we get to set a personal goal each week to work on.  This week mine is going to bed by 9:30 every night and getting at least 8 hours of sleep.  This can be pretty difficult with my schedule and responsibilities.  I am determined to do this though.

If you wonder why I’m mentioning all this here it’s because it helps to have support from those who know and love you.  It also keeps me accountable!  So today is day 1 and I’m ready to go!