Have you ever had one of those days??  You know the kind where things just don’t go quite right no matter what you do?  That’s kind of how this past weekend was.  We experienced everything from car problems to sick kids throwing up in the car!  Yuck!  I suppose it could have been worse.  I guess my patience level has severely dropped as the temperature of the Summer heat has risen!  (I don’t like the heat!)  I was sure that all of the extra curricular issues we were experiencing in our home (and cars) would spill over into Monday!

A funny thing happened and I think the Monday faries took pity on me and decided Monday would be a turning point!  The kids suddenly felt better and the car problems were no more!  Even our dog was behaving.  If I was ten years younger and had the space I might have done a cart-wheel!  Okay maybe not.

To add to my great Monday I got an email from a Heidi over at Polka Dot Pixiesasking me if I would mind being a continuing contributor!!  This is pretty exciting news for me and I am excited to get to flex my crafty muscles!!

If you have not had a chance to take a look at Polka Dot Pixies blog come take a peek.  To the left is one of the free printable you can find on her blog!!  This is my theme right now with school starting and having had a rough weekend.  There are lots of other great things to see so don’t miss the fun!!