Remember this banner???  Just a simple banner really.  I made it for a family birthday party.  Mostly I really just wanted to play with my new cartridge I purchased for my Cricut.  Well I love sharing my projects and I posted it on Facebook.  I got lots of replies and positive feedback!  I even had several people ask if I sold them.  Of course my response was, “Yes!”

So really it was an accident.  Although I have to admit it was a great surprise!  The short version of the story is I now have an established page on Facebook , Tulip Garden Crafts.  Here are a few items I recently posted.  These are a couple of kits for Happy Birthday Banners!  Once they are assembled they will have ribbon strung and any additional finishing touches.




This is another Happy Birthday Banner.  I’m also in the process of putting together additional kits for banners for baby shower and bridal showers!  The really great part about these banners is that I can make them in any color or pattern available.





These colors are for a baby shower banner that will say, It’s A Girl.  I’m excited to be adding more and more items to my inventory!  I’m having fun and getting to rub shoulders with lots of other talented crafters!