I was pretty excited this Friday for this weekend to start!  This weekend I had BIG plans.  By big plans I mean I had plans to go on my youngest daughter’s field trip to spend the night at the Phoenix zoo.  I have been a little big apprehensive about going because the idea of sleeping on a concrete floor was not one I was looking forward to.  As I get older I am becoming acutely aware of my age and how sleeping on the floor, especially a cement floor, turns me into a very cranky person.  Trust me when I tell you no one wants to see that!

Believe me when I tell you that this blue mat made my day on Thursday when I was able to go pick it up!  I no longer had to worry about sleeping on the floor.  I also have to say it was totally worth every penny!  (As a side note now we have a great place to put extra kids when they come over to spend the night!)

So before this post turns into an advertisement let me tell you all about the fun we had!  We arrived at the zoo entrance where we waited to be taken in by the staff.  We had a slight snag with the scheduling so the kids’ teacher had then completely entertained by telling them a Story With a Hole.  If you are no familiar with these here are some examples.  She is a fabulous lady who keeps these kids constantly on her toes!!

We got a little bit of a late start but once we finally got settled and had some pizza for dinner the kids were able to really  have some fun!  We got to see about eight animals up close and personal!!  The kids really got a kick out of all this.  There were a couple of snakes, a tiger salamander.  a night hawk,  a ferret, a tortious,and a tarantula! 

This is  the night hawk and Todd one of our friendly guides who was there to answer questions and take us on our night hike!  I was very amazed at how knowledgeable he and the other guides were.  They were so patient with the kids and knew all kinds of things about the animals that normally you wouldn’t learn on your average trip to the zoo!

We learned that the Phoenix zoo is the same size as the San Diego  zoo.  We do not have the same number of exhibits or the same animals but they are the same size.


One of the last things we got to do before our trip was over was visit the commissary.  No this wasn’t for people but for the animals.  They showed us all the different types of food the animals get to eat!  Sometimes the animals get treats.  We learned that the orangutans really like Gatorade.  These guys are super smart too.  Usually they get this as a reward or treat.  The other time they get it is as a trade.  When a visitor drops something they will show the orangutan the Gatorade and the orangutan has to trade the dropped item for the frosty beverage!  They shared a fun story with us about one time a visitor dropped a camera.  The orangutan was pretty smart so she decided she wanted lots of Gatorade and thought if she gave the camera back one piece at a time she could get more Gatorade so she broke it into pieces.  This of course didn’t earn her more Gatorade but instead made for an unhappy camera owner. 

Speaking of food, here are some of the things offered to us for our breakfast!  There were lots of choices so both the kids and the adults had full tummies before our morning activities!



Last and certainly not least is the camel rides!  This is the whole reason my cutie wanted to go to the zoo.  Here she is riding her camel!  All in all it was a successful trip!