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Good morning everyone!  Last night I promised a post about my husband’s World’s famous pancakes!  They are world-famous because there are at least three people from around the world who have eaten them.  Yes we are a little corny in our house but that’s what keeps us fun!

I know what you are thinking.  How do I make these?  They look amazing and now I’m hungry.  Fear not!  I am going to reveal my secret to THE best pancakes around.  (Okay I’m revealing my husband’s secret to THE best pancakes!)  Another fun fact is that these were so yummy it helped seal the deal when we were dating to us getting hitched!

First you  need an amazing stack of pancakes.  Another fun fact about me:  I can not make a pancake to save my life.  When I was dating my husband he came over several times and made me these amazing pancakes.  Some times he even made the huge pancakes.  I’ll have to see if I can dig out a picture from our last family vacation.  He made cakes the size of this plate!  The kids thought they were amazing, and they were! 

Once you have your stack of cakes you will need four basic, but crucial ingredients.  As you notice ours are all generic products.  It doesn’t matter what brand you use.  You will need peanut butter, real maple syrup, whipped cream, and cinnamon.

When I was told what he was going to put on my pancakes the first time I said no than you.  I thought, are you crazy??  But trust me, this is totally amazing.  One very important tip here is that the syrup must be the REAL maple syrup!  If you use the knock off stuff it will not taste the same.  Although I have to confess because it is a little more expensive we give the kids the generic imitation stuff.  We have also tried flavored syrup which is pretty good too!  Pancakes in our house are an event, not a meal.  On that note, have a great morning!!!