I have a case of what my hubby calls the Sunday night blues. It’s that feeling you have when you realize your weekend has come to a close and you will be returning to everyday life on Monday. For me this means it is time to put up my scrappy stuff and go back to work tomorrow. The Sunday night blues are amplified for me tonight because of the fantastic weekend I had.

I was able to do a little of everything this weekend. Mostly I just love being with my family! Each month we have a big family dinner to celebrate birthdays for the month. Last night we had a big dinner where we had cold cuts and other sandwich fixings. I know what you are thinking… Sandwiches? What’s so special about a sandwich???

This is sandwich #1 (otherwise knows as a sammie in our family)!  This is not your average sandwich.  You see my brother taught me that you can put your potato salad on the sammie!





This is sammie #2!  Yes I think it ate sammie 1!  It even has lettuce and I think there is tomato in there somewhere.  I believe there is pastrami in there too!   I told you sandwiches were exciting in our family!


This is another angle of sammie #2 where the potato salad is creeping out.  I also have to mention this is home-made potato salad that my sister-in-law makes that is amazing!!  Yes food in our family is nothing to sneeze at.  (or on)  She also makes really yummy pistachio salad that we affectionately refer to as green goo.  You see everyone in our family gets a nick name, even the food.

I’m not done yet though.  For those who wanted to see what my sister-in-law actually got in the bauble here it is:  Yep it’s Olive Garden!

On that note I suppose I better get some rest so that I can get through the upcoming week!  Tomorrow I will have to tell you all about the World Famous Pancakes my hubby made tonight.  Good Night!!