Some of you may remember my My Family Tree that I made last week.  I was not happy with the finished product because it just wasn’t what I had envisioned and it wouldn’t stand up with the ceiling fan on!  This was a problem and totally frustrating!

Here is the latest version!  I like it so much better!  I added pictures of each family member minus our puppy.  I’m still working on it.  I guess he’s technically not a part of our genealogy but he is a huge part of the family.  I backed each piece of the tree with thicker cardstock and then embellished each ornament.  This is much more fun to me and even my kids are telling me how cool it is!

I also noticed that in order to get the pictures to dangle better I had to bend each branch a little.  I do mean a little.  This is still a tree made from paper. (Now that is ironic!)  I also chose to use brown thread instead of ribbon.  It is virtually unseen and hangs much straiter.

These are my guys!  Aren’t they handsome???  I decided not to put flowers on the boys pictures.  I didn’t want anyone feeling like it was too girly!  I did use stickers from the 7 Gypsies Home Again line of stickers.  It added just a little something without making these too heavy!


Here’s a shot of a couple of us girls.  I had fun adding lace and flower embellishments.  This was such a fun project and now it feels lighter and less clunky.

I’m thinking of using this idea to make a larger one with the entire family for a future family function.  I think it’s so fun to watch the kids get so excited about seeing their pictures.

Now I can move on to my next fun project.  I’m really itching to put together a mini album.  I have a couple more things I want to work on but I guess it will depend on what I have time for.  Sadly the weekend is coming to a close tomorrow.  That gives me all week to decide what to do next!