Here it is as I promised!  This is a project I made as a gift box but could easily be made and used as a decoration.  I imagine they would make super cute valentines.  This one is for my sister-in-law’s birthday present.  Shhh!  I don’t want her to know.  Good thing I’m going to give it to her tomorrow.

This was something I made using a Heidi Grace template.  It’s called a Bauble, which is a funny word to me.  It was in a pack of paper with project ideas and templates in the back.  The idea was to use it as a decoration.  Being the resourceful person that I am decided it was a shame to waste all that space on the inside of the Bauble!   I began to make this wonderful little craft and decided it was a perfect holder for a gift card!  (Again, don’t tell my sister-in-law.  I want her to be surprised.  Kristy if you are reading this please pretend to be surprised tomorrow!)

Here is the infamous template!  (I just have to say I really do love this idea!) For each bauble you want to assemble you will need six separate cut outs from the template.  I traced mine in pencil on the side of the paper that wouldn’t be facing out.  You can use all one type of paper or you can mix it up.  If you are using a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock then you will be able to get four pieces from each sheet.

For this particular bauble I wanted it to have lots of pink.  Luckily this cardstock is a patterned pink on one side and floral on the other!  I have two pieces of the floral print and four of the pink.  I am a little bit funny about having things very balanced so I am going to have my four pink pieces going around the bauble and the two floral pieces on either end.  You can set them up however you like them.  This is also where I add the disclaimer.  Something I learned while assembling this project was that it is lots easier to embellish your bauble before you assemble it.  I hauled off and assembled it first. Oops.  This made it more challenging to add my items afterwards.

Also if you have a paper trimmer or other gadgets that will allow you to score your pieces before you fold it will simplify the process tons.  I used the scoring piece to make life easier.  These are pieces from a different bauble but it’s the same Idea.  By the way cutting the bauble pieces isn’t really very hard but can be time-consuming.  I want to look and see if there is a Cricut cartridge that will allow me to cut them that way.  For those who have a Silhouette you can check that also.

My husband and I are currently watching 24 on Netflix.  The show makes me crazy because it’s so intense so this gave me something to do with my hands!  I was literally on the edge of my seat!  We are currently just starting season 6!

Now we are ready for assembly.  The idea is to just fold the tabs up and then using your favorite adhesive attach each piece to the other.  These are the first two That I did.  I actually used double-sided sticky tape because that way if I made a mistake I can reposition my pieces.  I an always go back and add glue later to reinforce this.  The other thing is that if you chose to put something inside it is much easier to get into.

As you can see this is the third piece that I added.  You can just keep adding the pieces until you have what looks like a box.

Here is the box.  At this point you have a big decision to make.  Well maybe it’s not that big.  I started this project without knowing what I was going to put inside.  I just hate to waste space.  I think it’s  a mom thing.  When I help my kids clean their rooms it’s like playing Tetris deciding what to put where and what the best use of space it.  It’s the same thing here.

Yep.  It’s a gift card.  I added some tissue paper and a gift card.  Now I’m caught red-handed too.  It’s for target!  Guess what?  This isn’t the one my sister-in law is getting!  I’m not going to spoil the entire surprise!  Geesh!  No really I am going to put a different gift card inside.  If you want to find out you will have to ask me later.  (This means after she receives her gift.)

For those of you who are wondering what the other side of the bauble looks like at this point here you go!  I know it’s completely exciting, right?  Well maybe not but I’m one of those people who is way too curious not to know.  Okay moving right along.

This is what the bauble looks like with its ‘lid’.  I know that isn’t the technical term.  I also added the ribbon to hang it with.  I also added elements from one of the other pieces of paper that came with this line.  I ran it through my printer and printed the happy birthday song on it.  I’m wondering if this means she gets out of having to listen to me sing.  Probably not.  I guess that’s just part of having a birthday.

You can really embellish this any way you like.  I chose to keep it pretty simple.  I added some pearls with adhesive on the back.  The ribbon coming out is the velvet type.

Here is a side view.  I just cut some more of the patterned paper to run what looks like printed ribbon along the center of each side.  Like I said I kept it simple.  You can add as much or as little as you like.

In this particular view you can see the ribbon that I used so that you can hang it for decoration or just use to hold the bauble.  I’ve also thought of adding on a tag to where the best place to open the bauble would be.

My concern is that if you have a bauble with a gift card inside it will be very light.  The recipient may not be aware it is okay to open.  If you added a tab or ribbon that says “pull” then they will know they should dive in and see what treasure is inside.  As for our birthday girl I guess you will have to wait until tomorrow to see what she got!