I have decided I am definitely not mighty or a mouse today!  That’s okay because I didn’t end up dog tired by the end of my day.  Instead we watched Jaws with the kids and ate pizza! 

This guy looks like he’s smiling at me!  Maybe it’s just because it’s late and I’m tired.  Who knows.  The funny thing is that my kids told me that the movie and the shark weren’t scaring them.  I was.  You see I’ve never been good at watching scary or suspense filled movies.  I am really jumpy.  Every time I jumped I scared them.  Oooops.  Sorry kids.

By now my kids are all tucked safely in bed sound asleep.  This means that I have time to play!  In my case this means scrapbooking!!  So here are a few of the things I’ve been working on.  Brace yourself.  I’ve been working on a few items so this might have lots of pictures.

First I completed two layouts using one of my new favorite lines of paper.  It’s called My Little Shoebox and it is super cute.  I know I say that about a lot of things.  The funny part is That when I picked it up it was something that challenged me.  It’s a very fun product but a little busier than I was used to working with.

This page I started a while ago.  I had some of the paper and the picture laid out but not the other elements.  I didn’t put a title on it because I think the picture is large enough not to need one.  I would like to use the picture that is in color instead of the black and white one because I think the colors would go better with the fun paper.  One thing I like about this paper is it brightens up my pages.  This picture is the one I used in my graduation announcement when I got my bachelor’s degree.  I wanted the kids in the picture because we all had to give certain things up when I was in school.  Mostly my kids had a very tired mommy and they thought it was pretty funny that I was doing homework too!  I’m glad those days are behind me.  I am however really proud of the accomplishment and want the kids to see my example.

I used more paper from My Little Shoebox on this page.  This picture was taken a few years ago but I absolutely adore how my son and daughter are being so sweet.  As a   parent many of you know that sometimes there are moments when our kids are not so sweet!  Of course my kids are perfect and this picture is exactly how it always is in our home.  Okay maybe not…  But seriously, look how adorable these kids are!

Tonight was fun and productive!  I have one more project I worked on but I’m going to post it in a separate post!  For those of you who are turning into pumpkins, good night!!!  For those of you who want to read on give me a couple of minutes and I will take you step by step through my next fun project!!