Life can be so busy and chaotic most of the time. Every weekend my husband and I try to make it a priority to spend some quality time together and do something for date night. A lot of weekends this is just a movie and yummy food. I know that sounds boring but there is something so completely relaxing about just having that time where you don’t have to worry about everything else and we get to focus on our relationship.

This weekend we decided to go to a movie and dinner at the Studio Movie Grill.  I had heard a lot about it. My father-in-law had even visited earlier and the owner gave him a tour of the facility. So now I have visions of sitting in big cushy chairs while servers bring me whatever my heart desires. (Imagine the scene in Beauty and the Beast with the song “Be Our Guest”.) The coolest part: this is all at the touch of a Little Red Button!

Being the very time sensitive person that I am, I inform my husband we must arrive at least 45 minutes early. (They begin seating thirty minutes prior to the movie start time.) We get there about 50 minutes prior to our show so we had time to get our drink and appetizer. We are told to make sure that we hang onto our cups for free refills! I am now thinking this place is awesome for the single fact that I can get as much Diet Dr. Pepper as I want and they will bring it right to me!

The tickets are sold in groups like on airline flights. We are luckily in group one. My earliness pays off! We proceed to snack on great nachos. Once we are seated I can’t resist pushing the Little Red Button to see what happens. Yep, within a minute a friendly waiter was standing in front of me to grant me my every food wish—as long as it’s on the menu.

My hubby and I ordered a burger after which I decided it was probably a good idea to visit the ladies room. By the time I got back my food had arrived. Now that is speedy. I might also add the food was great. They have incredible sweet potato fries.

Once the lights dimmed and the movie began I couldn’t help pushing the button to see how our waiter was going to maneuver in and out of the theater without being disruptive. I just had to know. I pushed the button and waited. The next thing I knew there was my waiter squatting down next to me asking me what he can bring me. Yep I knew it, he’s a ninja. I’ve decided this must be a job requirement. He brought me a refill with the same stealth like ninja skills. This guy definitely earned his tip!

Moral of this date night. Studio Movie Grill was fantastic. I can’t wait to go back. My hubby couldn’t stop raving about it either.