Tonight is one of those nights. I am sure you have had one. The kind where the house is finally quiet and everyone else is asleep. You know you should be in bed because tomorrow is going to be equally as busy as today was. Instead you find yourself on facebook or Pinterest or updating your blog. Yep, I’m having one of those nights.

I am thinking about everything that has to get done. Admittedly I am also feeling a twinge of guilt.  We will be saying goodbye to our beloved guinea pig tomorrow.

You see two years ago I impulsively bought red slider turtles for my kids. Three of the little guys. They were cute but then I was informed of all the reasons why this was a bad purchase. Of course I had already given the turtles to my kids and they were thrilled. These were their first pets. I was told they could carry salmonella and they were actually illegal. Being the upstanding citizen and over protective mother I was I panicked!

Thoughts of the police arresting me over these cute turtles or my kids becoming gravely ill filled my mind. Okay really it wasn’t anything that dramatic! Mostly I began thinking of the odor that would fill my small home from an aquarium. I found someone who could properly care for the turtles and devised a plan for the replacement pet! Yep, I’m that mom.

We went to Petsmart and picked up the obligatory rodent. I had decided the least disgusting was a guinea pig! Two years later this poor critter sits in his cage alone and neglected. We do feed him but he rarely has any interaction other than that. (Now you know my deepest dark secret.)  After some pondering, we, my husband and I, decided to find a new home for our guinea pig. (His name is GP, yes I know we are creative.  We also have a dog who thinks his name is puppy.) Today I received a phone call from someone who would like to give him a home. She even has another guinea pig to keep GP company.

This is where the guilt plays in. My kids are asleep and looking so sweet. We told them the news and there were lots of tears. After some discussion they were on board and understood why we made this decision. My youngest daughter decided GP needed a bath so he would look handsome for his new person! So with that I will go to bed knowing all is well.