My sweet husband brought me these beautiful tulips!! I had reminded him to pick up some flowers for our daughter to give to her after her recital. He said, “I saw these and knew tulips are your favorite and thought you should have them.” This totally made my day. As an added bonus they brighten up my bathroom counter!

This past weekend has been full of fun with the family and friends. I have recently connected with a group of friends from college that are really more like sisters than friends. I’m fortunate that I have them because they add so much depth to my life. They make me laugh and are there for me when I need to cry. We also have a deep history that connects us. Sometimes the history is what keeps us laughing.

Doing these things helps me to feel renewed and ready for the tasks and responsibilities I have in my life. This year my goal is to do those things that will help develop me as an individual so that I can take on all of the things I have to conquer in my every day life!